Flash funds App

Studies has shown that over 80% of people who does fake alerts make use of flash funds.

flash funds

Flash Funds is a very perfect tool when it comes to sending fake bank alerts and it has been the best tool online for ages.

Here’s the flash funds official page where you can download and learn how to use the tool with ease.

How does flashfunds works

Using flash funds in sending fake alert, you don’t need the victims phone number unlike the old version.

In this updated version, you just need the account name, bank name and account number just like when doing transfer with usual bank.

One good thing about flash funds app is that “alert sent using this app goes directly to the clients account and add up to their balance”.

This means if recipients have NGN30,000 in their balance and you send another 30K, their available balance will increase to 60K.

flash funds durability

One thing you must know about this app is that “the funds will only remain in the recipient account for 14days” or after which it will be cleared automatically by the system.

During this period, the recipient cannot use the money “either withdraw or transfer”. it will only remain in the balance until the duration elapse.

The fact that the transaction has shown in their history is enough proof you’ve made payment successfully.

Flash Funds Download

Don’t let anyone deceive you on getting the app for iPhone devices. This app is only available on Android and not on ios or PC.

So if you’re using any of these devices, we are sorry to disappoint you. However, we are working seriously on making other versions available.

And hopefully, in few months, we shall be launching flash funds for iPhone and also for PC.

While we wait for other versions, you can download flash funds apk on your Android phone below.

There are just few steps to get started with flash funds app.

  • Download the flash funds app
  • Create an account
  • Topup Your Wallet
  • Send Fake alerts

FlashFunds Top-up

After downloading and registering on the app, you need to fund your wallet to enable you make use of the app.

The topup is the money you are adding to your wallet and that’s same money you will use in sending fake bank alerts to your clients.

You are allowed to keep sending alerts until this money is exhausted because it doesn’t expire as long as you’ve paid for it.

Currently, there are two available funding options on the app.

You can topup your wallet with either :

  • $100 to get 1.5M naira balance
  • $200 to get 2M naira balance.

You can pay either with bank transfer or bitcoin. The options are available on the flashfunds app.

There’s nothing to worry about “No activation required to use the app apart from topping up your wallet balance.

Can the app be shared?

The flash funds app can be shared from one device to another but the new users need to register and login then also topup their wallet unless you are giving them already funded login details.

There’s no difficulty in using this app. All you need is just follow the procedures carefully as shown in the video guide above.

Also note:Immediately you have paid, you are getting another PDF on how and where to use this app to be more favorable.

Flash Funds Official